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Nu Bleu VIII

Nu Bleu VIII by Henri Matisse
Sheet size
35 x 26 cm

Henri Matisse (1869-1954) – Nu Bleu VIIIMatisse Nu Blu Vlll - 1958

Signed in the plate (Signed in the plate means the signature is part of the printing process).

This lovely Original Lithograph (‘After’) Henri Matisse comes from the Last Work of Henri Matisse 1950 to 1954. The first lithographic plates were printed in 1954 under Matisse’s direction but publication was not finished until 1958 , Four years after his death. Matisse’s 1950s giant paper cut-outs were very popular that he was persuaded to reinterpret them as original lithographs in this series of work.

‘After’ >>>> The term “original” can be confusing when applied to works of art on paper. Generally, a piece is defined as original if the artist of the design has worked on the printing element himself, as opposed to those reproductive or interpretive prints in which an intermediary is responsible for replicating an artist’s design on a printing element. In those situations in which the artist is at a remove from the actual production of a work on paper, the designation of an “After” usually follows. The practice of producing “Afters” was a popular one with many important nineteenth- and twentieth-century artists.


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